November 25, 2012

Of Shadows, Boons, and Knives

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It’s time to get down to business and talk about some new Valiant Comics.

First up, Shadowman #1. We talk about the new Jack Boniface, his amulet, what Darque might have been up to, and the killer art!

Second up, Archer & Armstrong #4. This issue wraps up the first arc of A&A, and we have tons of answers, but tons of questions as well. It was Ivar all along, the Geomancers are involved, Armstrong’s satchel, plus, what happened to Mary Maria?

Last up, Bloodshot #5. Is it enough just to say Knife to the head? It might be, but, but there is a lot more to talk about. This book has great action, cool use of Bloodshot’s nanites, crazy similarities to Rai, and then Bloodshot gets attacked by Ugly Youngblood.

In ampngst all of that, we manage to pack in:

  • Reverse Psychology
  • A lot of coming out in this episode
  • Mythology v. Character
  • We don’t nitpick, but, we nitpick
  • There is a shadow of mystery about Jack
  • What’s the deal with the amulet? We have multiple theories
  • Master Darque, yes, please!
  • All about Tesla
  • The miracle of colored text
  • Mary Maria’s glowing eyes
  • Ivar needs laser pants
  • Bloodshot rocks the nerve web
  • Sean wants Qui-Gon and Kung Fu
  • Death Angel’s dripping blood
  • This secret lair is not up to code
  • Knife. In the head.
  • We’re all scared of Gamma
  • Chainsaw… Let’s hope for the best

You’re probably already listening, and not even bothering with reading this, but if you are, stop now and listen!

Listen right here, right now:

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