February 3, 2013


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We take a break from reviewing the current Valiant books to talk about covers. All covers.

We talk about variant covers, our favorite covers, the best Valiant covers, the most iconic covers, and get in to everything else. Our favorite types of covers, gimmicks, cover artists, and our favorite covers of all time.

All that plus:

  • Variant Cover Madness!
  • We discuss if we buy the multiple covers
  • How cool incentive variants are, and if they are good for the hobby
  • A-B covers – not just a blood type
  • How old completionist mentalities making collecting new comics difficult
  • The most iconic Classic Valiant covers, and our favorites
  • Our favorite comic book cover artists
  • Iconic covers! Story covers! What is best?
  • Gimmicks – the craziest and the coolest

Listen now, and join us as we judge books by their covers.

The Hulk does not appear in this episode.

Listen right here, right now:

Download: OTV-episode093.mp3 | Total Time: 101 minutes

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