February 10, 2013

From The Halls Of Torquehalla

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Best of 2012!

Torque is back in Harbinger #8, and we discover Torquhalla, the most bad*** place in comics. We discuss the metaphors, the “man in the suit” theory, and just what’s going on with this character.

Also, the first Shadowman arc has wrapped up, and we discuss issues 1 through 4. Here’s some of the questions we ask:

  • This version of Darque, is he up to snuff, or sort of disappointing?
  • The bretheren, what are they for, and will they serve Darque more than to just meet his seafood cravings?
  • Jaunty, who’s side is he on? Is he best buds with Master Darque?
  • What was Mr. Twist’s plan, and how did it work?
  • Who doesn’t want to kill a Shadowman?
  • Did the art keep it’s quality through out the arc? Or is Patrick Zircher’s artwork an addicitive substance?
  • How much does the setting of New Orleans play in to this book?

Next up, a discussion of other books that we read, and how they compare to the Valiant books we are reading.

We finish up the episode with some listener feedback with more of the best of 2012.

Listen right here, right now:

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