February 24, 2013

Finish Him! Blood. Shot.

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In this episode, we talk about Bloodshot #7, the Harbinger Hunter stand alone story, and Bloodshot #8, the continuation of Bloodshot’s quest to find computers, and instead finding little kids.

Bloodshot #7 takes us back to the time when Bloodshot was just a pawn, sent after poor little psiot children, and being the big scary boogy man.

In Bloodshot #8, we get deeper into the Nursery, and things get gruesome indeed. We loved this issue, and we don’t quite give it the Commentary Track coverage, but we get pretty in depth in to this issue.

Also, a shout out to the Valiant Future podcast, and Joe from Wildstorm Addiction emails us with the question, “what if the original Valiant Universe still exists?”

Bring it? Oh, it’s been brought!

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