March 3, 2013

Machine Guns Blasting

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Archer & Armstrong is following the trajectory that all of the Valiant books have been – it gets better and netter with each issue. In this episode, we discuss issues 6 and 7.

In issue 6, Kay McHenry trades in her evil spokesperson job with Zorn to work for a strange monkey lady that lets her walk on water.

In issue 7, the null is powerless against Gilad’s one-man car/machine gun assault.

The geomancer was not what we expected, but still a very compelling character! Plus, she can walk on water. What’s up with that?

The Null? The 1%? The Dominion? The Sect? How does it all work? We make some sense of this conglomeration of villains.

Don’t disturb the circles! What’s going on with these circles? And why shouldn’t we break them?

The Immortal Enemy: “Nothing is forever” gets a new meaning: nothing is forever. Plus, a phone call on the Immortal Enemy phone.

This code of the world matrix-style action, what’s up with that? Is it the anti-life equation of the world?

INFINITY. Minds blown.

Discussion of naming conventions in Greenland.

Zorn Water! Zorn Planes!

Plus: Rai. What’s up with Rai? Where is he? In last year’s FCBD Valiant book, they said Spring of 2013, yet still, no Rai. What’s the deal?

Double plus – some great recent reads: Old Man Logan and Hickman’s Avengers leads in to a discussion of how continuity works in a big superhero universe, and how it feels like there is less at stake for the members of the Avengers.

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