March 24, 2013

All Aboard The Gamma Buggy!

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We’ve got a full, action packed episode this time!

We start off with our quick impressions of Shadowman #5. It’s a great start to a new arc, we see some repurcussions of being Shadowman in Jack’s world, and we see the all new Dr. Mirage. We’ve got comments, compliments, and criticisms.

Archer & Armstrong #8 is finding its independent voice much more clearly. However, how will this book be when we no longer have the fantastic supporting cast of Gilad, the Eternal Warrior, and Kay, the Geomancer in it? We’re not gonna talk about evil Catholic School Girl with a sword Mary Maria, or the crossbow bolt through the neck, or crazy reality computer code laser beam evil mind control devices, we’ll save that for next time.

Our discussion of Bloodshot #9 is the meat and potatoes of the episode, and we discuss this arc wrapping up, and how it will lead into Harbinger Wars.

Is Melissa, aka Pulse, really dead? Could she have survived the Gamma head crunch? We’ve got plenty of speculation about one of these early Valiant Universe deaths.

These kids, what’s going to happen to them? We hope they don’t “soap opera” up in age really quickly. Also, Gamma gives Bloodshot a beating.

Harbinger Wars! We give our thoughts and a preview of what is coming up, based on the Harbinger Wars Sketchbook, Battle for Las Vegas Video Game, 8-bit retro covers, and the introduction of H.A.R.D.Corps.

We wrap things up with a quick preview of Wondercon in Anaheim, which happens next weekend!

And of course:

  • Elveen is Shemp, ensign Ricky, the third fiddle
  • Fanboys and fanboy pessimism, who needs ’em?
  • What we learned from playing Dungeons and Dragons
  • A new entry: The Peanut Smasher
  • Gamma, does she ride a Rascal? Or better yet, and evil Segway.
  • A brief aside into Darpan’s timeline in Harbinger
  • The logistics of Bloodshot’s new favorite restaurant, Big Texan Steak, and what is required to get the 72 ounce steak for free
  • A treatise on how to evaluate entertaimo ratings
  • The very best image that Valiant has released
  • Hot tub OTV?

Listen right here, right now:

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