August 14, 2014

Small Talks: Steve Bryant and Athena Voltaire

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Sean caught up with comics maker Steve Bryant at San Diego Comic-Con to talk about Athena Voltaire!

Steve writes and draws Athena Voltaire, a female pilot that finds herself in adventures in the pulp era of dirigibles, hidden temples, monsters, mysticism, and of course, nazis.

We talk about the allure of pulp stories, and what inspires Steve about these type of stories. We also talk about why we love comics, and why Steve chooses comics as his medium to tell stories.

We also talk about the upcoming Athena Voltaire Compendium, being published by Dark Horse Comics. It is in this month’s previews, and a is a big hardcover collection of all of the Athena Voltaire comics to date, with a ton of new story material added.

Check out a preview of the Compendium by clicking this link.

Enjoy this trip to the front line of Indy and creator-owned comics!

Listen right here, right now:

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