February 15, 2017

Generation Zero #7, Savage #4

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VCRlogo-200Our Generation of heroes is Zeroing in on the source of all bad things in Rook, and Kevin Junior goes Savage on his oppressors in this week’s new Valiant Comics.

First up, in Generation Zero #7, we get a lot more about the evil plot, and what is going on in this town. The towers, the dreamscape, and the odd technology all start to come together in a meaningful way. We discuss the newfound momentum in this issue.

Second up, in Savage #4, there is a lot to talk about as this issue sticks, and lands. Where does this story leave us? What do we know about Kevin Jr, and how might that affect the story moving forward, given the final events of this book? Plus, we spend a lot of time discussing the art in this book, and how it impacts the storytelling, and also talk about how much story we got in this book. Our discussion extends beyond this single issue, and we spend a little extra time to talk about our thoughts of this series as a whole.

Spoiler alert! We’re going to talk about the things that happen on the very last page of both of these issues. You’ve been warned.

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