June 14, 2017

Rai: History of the Valiant Universe #1

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VCRlogo-200Take a look back through History with Rai (and us), as Rai learns about the history of the Valiant Universe as he prepares to take on the world of 4001.

In Rai: The History Of The Valiant Universe #1, Rai, Gilad and the Geomancer find out about all of the cool history that we already know about. We have a lot to say about this issue, from where it leaves us in the year 4001, and what we got in our whirlwind recap of the Valiant Universe.

It’s New Comic Book Day, and that means a new VCR. We discuss the new comics out from Valiant, on the shelves now.

Spoiler alert! Or is there…?

Listen right here, right now:

Download: VCR-120-jun14-2017.mp3 | Total Time: 31 minutes

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