June 29, 2017

Secret Weapons: Rex-O Decoded!

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rightSpecial Edition! VCR dives into Rex-O’s dialog in Secret Weapons, and spills the beans on the translation of every word Rex-O speaks! Plus, what might this mean for the story, and what about the error?!?

Only The Valiant is the only one with the COMPLETE cipher for Rex-O’s language, and we translated all of his dialog to figure out what he is saying. We are going to discuss his dialog, and what it might mean for the story.

PLUS. We find an ERROR in the printed dialog.

That’s right. One of Rex-O’s word balloons is the wrong piece of dialog, and when that balloon is translated, it says the wrong thing! This is confirmed by Eric Heisserer and Dinesh Shamdasani, and we’ve got the CORRECT dialog to share with you.

This is the only place to find out what Rex-O is saying!

Take a listen, and find out the Secrets inside of Secret Weapons.

Also! If you haven’t listened to our complete discussion of Secret Weapons #1 and X-O Manowar #4, check out yesterday’s VCR episode for our in depth look.


You’ve been warned.

Listen right here, right now:

Download: VCR-123-jun29-2017.mp3 | Total Time: 11 minutes

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