October 18, 2017

War Mother #3, Faith and the Future Force #4

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VCRlogo-200VCR discusses War Mother #3 and Faith and the Future Force #4 in this week’s VCR. We have a bit to unpack in this issue, so let’s get to it!

First up is the War Mother! We discuss what is going on with this story, the nature of the world building we are seeing, the Jade, and all the other items packed into this issue.

Next up we travel abck from the future to discuss Faith and figure out wat Do-Bot is up to, and how this fits into the other stories we’ve seen. We might be a bit confused about time travel still, but that’s ok. We are here to figure it out.

Spoiler alert —

We’ve read these books, and we are going to tell you how they end as we discuss them. Don’t ruin the stories for yourself by listening to our words before reading for yourself.

Now, enjoy.

Listen right here, right now:

Download: VCR-138-18oct-2017.mp3 | Total Time: 37 minutes

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