January 3, 2018

Secret Weapons #0

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VCRlogo-200Nikki’s Story is featured in this issue, from her days before the Harbinger foundation, to her activation, her time at the Willows, right up to Secret Weapons #1. VCR discusses it all in this episode.

When there is only one book, make it a good one! This unique book shows us a lot about the Harbinger Foundation, how they recruit, and the process that recruits one into Harbinger. Is it a cult? Are they better or worse than Project Rising Spirit?

What about the timeline presented in this book? Could there be some missing time unaccounted for? We examine this in detail.

Also, this book has a very unique storytelling format, and we dig into this, and hwo well it told the story, and where we may have seen some hiccups along the way.

All in all, we had a great book to discuss, and have a great episode for you.

Spoiler alert! We are gonna be all over this book.

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