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April 6, 2013

Valiant After Dark at Wondercon 2013

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We sat down poolside Saturday night with Harbinger writer Josh Dysart, Quantum & Woody writer James Asmus, Sales master Atom! Freeman, marketing wizard Hunter Gorrinson, Publisher of the Year Fred Pierce, and Valiant overlord Dinesh Shamdasani to discuss all that is upcoming with Valiant, especially in Harbinger, Harbinger Wars, and Quantum & Woody.

This is a fun filled, relaxed conversation, which of course always leads to the best conversations!

With the drinks flowing, this leads to a little adult language and humor, so be ready with the earmuffs around your little ones.

Plus all this:

  • Joshua Dysart is exclusive with Valiant, and what this means for Josh, Valiant comics, and future titles.
  • Dino tries to mind trick us with a forced tell.
  • Why Cronos is Elveen’s favorite character ever!
  • The Harada protocols, and some teases of what it is, and teases of what we’ll see in Harbinger Wars #2
  • The secret behind who really writes Josh Dysart’s books
  • Valiant questions their discussion with us, and considers seaking out the Valiant sceptics instead of OTV.
  • Repeat: There is no super secret writers meeting.
  • What James Asmus has done before, what he’s working on now, and the incredible min-series to go check out now to get a taste of his writing.
  • Chick Tracts, and how they lead in to Quantum & Woody
  • Speaking of Quantum & Woody, they are here to ruin the Valiant Universe
  • What decisions making went in to choosing Quantum & Woody to be the sixth ongoing title?
  • How nimbleness allows the writers, artists, and company to turn on a dime, much to the publishers and marketers chagrin
  • How the publisher works his magic to give Valiant comic books an extra edge of quality over the competition
  • Speaking of the Goat, some info about the Goat’s major villain in Goat Zero (which may or may not actually exist)
  • An early hands on experience with the Harbinger Wars video game leads to an inopportune response during a touching story
  • Faith is changing lives
  • Harbinger Wars video game – what’s coming up, and how this game will be HARD Corps
  • And last of all, a HUGE secret revealed from Dinesh’s iPad of Pleasure!

This is the most “laugh out loud” fun episode we’ve ever released!

Listen right here, right now:

Download: OTV-Wondercon2013Special.mp3 | Total Time: 70 minutes

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