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Happy new year!

From all of us at Only The Valiant, we hope you had a fun, safe, and happy new year, and a great holiday season.

We’ve had a great year with Valiant Comics back on the stands in comic shops, we’ve had a ton to read and talk about! If we had to write a mission statement for OTV, it would be to make reading and being a fan of Valiant Comics more fun.

Luckily, we don’t have to write a mission statement, so anything goes! Including, apparently, sliding a bit with this newsletter. You may have noticed that we missed the November and December newsletters due to the busyness of the holidays, but we’re back on track. For those of you that are recent subscribers to our email newsletter, you can expect one newsletter a month, right around the beginning of the month.


December was a great month for us. We started off with a bang with an interview with Valiant’s Executive Editor, Warren Simons in Episode 89. We’ve been waiting a while to talk to Warren, and it was a real treat to talk with him about what goes in to creating the Valiant Universe.

After that, we discussed Shadowman #2 and Archer & Armstrong #5 in Episode 90: The Kiss Heard Around The World. This episode’s title comes from an epic story told by Uncle Elveen at the very beginning of this episode, and is well worth the listen if you haven’t already.

We finished up the month, and the year, with Episode 91: The Year End Wrap Up show. We discuss our Valiant favorites from the year, from art, to characters, stories, collectibles, best moments, and more. We though this would be a great way to cap off the year.


We’ll be doing our best to keep up with all the books coming out from Valiant, and delivering our particular style of in-depth disussion, commentary, and nit-picking. We’re planning on sticking with our bi-weekly schedule for this year.

In January, we’ve got some cool stuff to look forward to:

  • The prologue to Planet Death in X-O Manowar
  • The introduction of Torque in Harbinger
  • Bloodshot’s past as a Harbinger Hunter in Bloodshot
  • The new Geomancer in Archer & Armstrong
  • Jack’s dive into the deadside in Shadowman


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Also, thank you everyone who shares our show on Twitter, and talks back with us on the OTV Facebook page. It all helps more people to find the show, we appreciate all of it.

Also, if you have any feedback for us, or things you would like to hear us talk about, shoot us an email and let us know. We love to hear your thoughts, and we promise, some day we’ll catch up with all the emails and voicemails we’ve received from you folks. Send email to onlythevaliant@gmail.com and leave us a voicemail at (270) 8-NINJAK [(270) 864-6525]

That’s gonna wrap up this Newsletter, it’s time to get back to enjoying the last bit of New Years weekend.

Cheers to a great new year!

“Only The Valiant For Me!”

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