August 24, 2008

The Future of Magnus and Doctor Solar

In this episode, Sean, Chiclo and Zeph talk about the news that Dark Horse comics got the licensing rights to the Gold Key Comics properties, including Magnus, Robot Fighter and Doctor Solar. What does this mean for Valiant? Listen in.


July 20, 2008

Spotlight on Shadowman

Sean, Chiclo, Zeph, and special guest Elveen from the ValiantFans board discuss Shadowman. Also, we will be recording at San Diego Comic-Con, and Playing God is continuing on the Valiantfans board. Listen for details about our first ever contest.


July 6, 2008

Spotlight on Harbingers

Harbingers! This episode is all about them. We talk about the characters, the stories, and the villains. Also, some exciting Valiant news, VEI has announced the next hardcover edition, and there is a very well done Valiant story being released for free on the web at valiantfans.com. Also, we roll out a new segment, Valiant […]


May 24, 2008

Spotlight on Turok, Solar and Magnus

In this episode, Sean, Chiclo and Zeph discuss the Gold Key 3 – Turok, Doctor Solar, and Magnus, Robot Fighter. We discuss their origins in the 50’s and 60’s, and talk about how Valiant handled the characters, changed them to make them better (in our opinions), and used them to build the Valiant Universe. In […]