OTV 195

June 28, 2015

Minor Details

Bloodshot’s favorite music, or Ninjak’s favorite sport? Aric’s fear of heights? The Harby kids favorite fast food? We discuss all these minor details and more. We promise, this episode is better than it sounds!

OTV 194

June 21, 2015

Every Title Reviewed

We take a look at every book that Valiant is currently publishing, and share our thoughts on the current state of each of them. We also encourage Chiclo to catch up on his reading.

OTV 193

June 14, 2015

Book Of Death Pre-Game

We look ahead to the Book Of Death event coming this summer. We discuss our impressions of the event mini-series itself, the Fall Of… one-shots, and the Legend Of The Geomancer incentive series.

OTV 188

March 29, 2015

Current Events and News

We discuss a smattering of recent news and events, including the teaser for Book Of Death, the new Valiant Origins animated videos, the recent jump in price of Classic Valiant back issues due to movie speculation, and a whole lot more.

OTV 187

March 22, 2015

World Imperium

We discuss our thoughts about the newest hit from Valiant Comics: Imperium. Plus, a short conversation with Joshua Dysart himself!

OTV 186

March 15, 2015

The Valiant Experience

or this 7th Anniversary show, we get to the bottom of one question: What has our experience been as a fan of Valiant, both new and old, and how has it inspired us to keep talking about these books and characters year after year?

OTV 182

February 15, 2015

Valiant On Screen

Movies and television are now a vital and integral part of the comic book industry. Of course, this means we should discuss and speculate about seeing Valiant characters on the big and small screen.


February 8, 2015

Ivar Comma Timewalker

The OTV crew puts the comma in Ivar, Timewalker, as we discuss time travel, grammar, Ice Pirates, olde english, extremely large numbers, Promethea, Doctor Who, H.A.R.D. Corps and other recent reads.


January 11, 2015

The Best Of 2014

It’s time to look back and celebrate the year that was as we discuss the very best stories, events, characters, art, writing and more from Valiant Comics in 2014.


January 4, 2015

Comic Book Resolutions II

Happy New Year! We take this episode to review our comic book resolutions from last year, and to take a look forward to 2015, and discuss our resolutions of things to read, to collect, and plenty more.