OTV 217

July 31, 2017

San Diego Con-Versations 2017

In this episode: The best highlights from the Valiant Comics Fan panel at SDCC, Josh Dysart on Pete and Harada, Valiant talks about the Comics Pro “black bag” retailer editions, and Dinesh Shamdasani on Massacre and Harbinger Wars 2.

OTV 214

April 3, 2017

Valiant After Dark, Wondercon 2017

We sit down with the Valiant Comics team at Wondercon for an hour of talk about all things Valiant. We pry for details, hammer on continuity, get surprised by Renegade, Corner the stones, and most importantly, discuss the Hardcovers.

OTV 212

February 20, 2017

News, Legacies, and David Baron

X-O Manowar relaunches! Britannia Sequel! Secret Weapons! Plus, the Classic and Modern legacies of the Geomancers, Ninjak, and Bloodshot. We round this out with a conversation with superstar artist David Baron about Divinity, Valiant High, and his upcoming book Stained!

OTV 208

December 6, 2015

Comic Blitz and Recent Everything

Comic Blitz! The Master Chief of the Digital Comics on demand app, Jordan Plosky, joins us to talk to us about the all you can read service. Also, Recent Reads in Comics, Star Wars, Jazz Flute and more!

OTV 198

July 19, 2015

Book Of Death Commentary with Robert Venditti

Robert Venditti joins us to flip through a copy of Book Of Death #1 and discuss the book page by page, scene by scene. We get a ton of great insights into this issue.

OTV 192

April 26, 2015


We talk about it all! The lost arc that was meant to be, Sect Civil War, Mission: Improbable, American Wasteland, and issue 25. Also, Ivar, Timewalker.

OTV 191

April 19, 2015

The Complete Archer & Armstrong Discussion with Fred Van Lente, Part 1

We kick this off strong with discussion of The Michelangelo Code, Wrath of the Eternal Warrior, and Far, Faraway.

OTV 185

March 8, 2015


We bring you conversations with Christos Gage, Ed Greenberg, David Baron, and Ryan Winn at Long Beach Comic Expo. We talk about Bloodshot, Ninjak, Divinity, H.A.R.D.Corps, and a whole lot more.


November 30, 2014

Bar Talk With David Baron

We met up with Valiant coloring master David Baron to talk about Archer & Armstrong, Doctor Mirage, and the evolution and future of coloring in comic books.


November 26, 2014

Small Talks: Warren Simons

We catch up with Warren Simons for a quick conversation about the state of Valiant Comics right now. Also, a little bit of fun as we make Warren the arbiter of the Valiant Thunderdome.