July 19, 2010


Magnus and Doctor Solar creators at San Diego Comic-Con

A few of the creators working on the new Gold Key character books from Dark Horse will be at San Diego Comic-Con, here’s the complete info

July 14, 2010


October Doctor Solar, Magnus, and Turok comics

Dark Horse Comics have released their solicits for comics sold in October, looks like we will get 3 new comics based on Gold Key characters. Click for more, and BIG cover images.

April 3, 2010


Doctor Solar to Launch in July, Magnus Robot Fighter in August

The new Doctor Solar ongoing series will debut in July, as was announced at Wondercon this weekend. I also got the scoop from Dark Horse that Magnus will launch in August.

October 6, 2009


(No) Comments from Valiant and Dark Horse

After hearing about the lawsuit, I sent out some requests for comment from a few of the parties involved.

Here are the responses.

August 7, 2009


20 Questions with Jim Shooter at Diamond Scoop

Jim Shooter was asked 20 questions and gave 20 answers about the relaunch of the Gold Key characters at Dark Horse.

One of those 20 questions was from yours truly at the Only The Valiant Podcast. Click to read more:

August 6, 2009


Dark Horse Official Press Release

Dark Horse has made a press release of the announcement they made at Comic-Con regarding their plans to print new Magnus, Solar, Turok, and Mighty Samson comics. You can see the complete press release at the Dark Horse website at the following link: Dark Horse Press Release The press release contains some history about Jim […]