May 6, 2013



Perspective: Summer of Valiant: Phase 2

Ethan speaks on the beginning of May Valiant madness. Major Spoilers!

February 12, 2013



I’d Buy That For A Dollar! One Dollar Debuts From Valiant

This May, Valiant is going to launch their own program of issuing number 1 issues for a buck. This May, all of the titles will have a printing of the first issue priced at the low low price of One Dollar. Can’t beat that.

December 13, 2012



Harbinger Wars and Valiant Masters Free Comic Book Day Books

Valiant announced their Free Comic Book Day 2013 offerings, a Harbinger Wars special, and a Modern Masters preview.

May 8, 2012


Rai from Valiant FCBD

Eternal Warrior, Winter 2012; Rai, Spring 2013

The Valiant Free Comic Book Day issue contained a couple adds for upcoming books, time to analyze and scrutinize them.

May 5, 2012


Valiant Free Comic Book Day Cover

Week In Review, May 5 (FCBD Edition)

Cinco de X-O, the Visigoth invades comic shops, and lotsa noise about it all.

It’s the week in review!

December 8, 2011


The New Valiant Comics Will Be Launched On Free Comic Book Day!

The title says the most exciting part of the news, read more for more info.