November 14, 2012


X-O Manowar 7 Cover

Preview: X-O Manowar #7

We’re looking forward to X-O Manowar #7 here at OTV, here’s a preview to hold us over till it arrives.

October 5, 2012


Harbinger 5 Cover

Preview Harbinger #5 “It All Ends Here”

Good things always show up in our inbox from Valiant, like this preview for Harbinger #5! This is the final issue in the first story arc, which we here at OTV have been loving.

August 24, 2012


Bloodshot 3 Cover

Preview: Bloodshot #3

Valiant Comics has sent us a preview of Bloodshot #3 for your viewing pleasure.

August 21, 2012


X-O Manowar #4 Cover

Preview: X-O Manowar #4

Aric has crash landed on modern day earth, unaware that 1600 years have passed, and under attack by the Italian police and military.

August 8, 2012


Bloodshot #2 Cover

Preview: 5 Pages of Bloodshot #2

Valiant sent out this 5-page preview of Bloodshot, for those of you eager to get a look at what is coming up.

August 3, 2012


Archer & Armstrong #1 Cover

More Archer & Armstrong Preview Pages

We got sent a few new preview pages from Archer & Armstrong #1 from Valiant, showing an action-packed scene from the middle of the book.

July 31, 2012


Harbinger #3 Cover

Harbinger #3 Preview Pages

Valiant Comics is a champ again, sending out some preview pages of Harbinger #3.

July 26, 2012


Shadowman Cover Patrick Zircher

Valiant Launches Shadowman In November by Jordan and Zircher

Valiant Comics is launching Shadowman in November, Written by Justin Jordan and Patrick Zircher, and art by Patrick Zircher. Preview pages inside!

July 23, 2012


X-O Manowar 5 Pullbox Cover

Preview: X-O Manowar #5, “Enter Ninjak”

The Good Folks at Valiant Entertainment give us a preview of X-O Manowar #5, featuring the introduction of Ninjak into the Universe.

July 7, 2012


X-O Manowar 02 second print cover

Week In Review, July 7th 2012

Second Printings, Harby Previews, Bloodshot Teases, July book reviews, Interviews – It must be the week in review!