April 14, 2015


Ryans Comics Bloodshot Reborn Signing

Bloodshot Reborn Events In Southern California

Exclusive variant covers, signing events with David Baron and Ryan Winn, and more at Geoffrey’s Comics, Collector’s Paradise, and Ryan’s Comics.

June 18, 2013



Sean Chen Kicks Off New Signature Series

The Valiant Signature Series is back, this time as a series of variant covers, drawn by veterans of the classic Valiant from the 90s.

March 8, 2013


harbinger wars_logo

Harbinger Wars 8-Bit Retro Video Game Coming In April, 8-Bit Variant Covers Too!

Coming this April, there will be a retro Harbinger Wars video game for your iDevice or Android device. Not only that, there will be 8-bit variant covers for each title coming soon.

June 22, 2012


Archer & Armstrong #1, Neal Adams Variant Cover

Neal Adams Variant Cover to Archer & Armstrong #1

That is one fine comic book cover. Let’s take a moment to bask in the glory of the Neal Adams variant.