August 1, 2009


San Diego Comic-Con 2009, Part 5

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By the time Sunday rolled around, I had accomplished everything I needed to at the convention. I slept in again, and headed over to the convention in the late morning. I went to a panel, only my second of the weekend. It was How to Draw Star Wars with Katie Cook. Katie draws the Clone Wars online comic for the Star Wars site, and I have been a fan of hers for a few years. The panel was geared towards kids, and pencil and paper was handed out to everyone.

Katie would demonstrate how to draw different Star Wars characters, and the drawings were projected on a big screen, so everyone could follow along. The standout: Boba Fett in the Sarlac’s stomach juices, with a cute pet kitty floating next to him in an inner tube. Every character she drew got a cute pet, even Darth Vader.

I walked around the convention floor for a while after that, made some final purchases. I found my friend John from New York, and got to hang out with him for a bit. I then finally made it back home.

Scott and I had invited folks over to our place for a post-convention cool down party. As far as I can remember, Pants, Trevor, Dave, Grant, Steve, Jim, and Chris showed up, plus another one of Dave’s friends whose name escapes me. Scott, Steve, Chris, Jim and I were talking about renting both units in the apartment building we rented for next year, so we could have one apartment to rule them all.

Our location and set up was really fantastic this year, and having the same thing, but even more so next year would be great. It would be this incredible congregation of creativity, hanging out, and partying.

The location was great, the people were great, and I had a blast.

Back Home

I spent Monday packing up, figuring out how to transport all the stuff I purchased, and cleaning up the apartment a little. I’m glad I gave myself that extra day after the convention to wrap everything up.

My experience of comic book conventions is changing the more I go to them. I used to go to comic book conventions to walk around the dealer booth, buy some comics, and maybe get a book or two signed by a writer or artist. Comic book conventions were a chance to buy a lot of stuff, and that was about it.

The actual convention is now such a small part of my overall experience. The best times at this show were when I got to see old friends, make new friends, make new contacts, network with folks, shake hands, play poker, and raise beer glasses with folks.

This show was inspiring. It renewed my excitement about existing projects like Only The Valiant and my 101 Artwork, and got my me thinking about new projects. I am left ready to plow into everything and start creating. I have a few things in mind that resonate with me.

To everyone I met this weekend, thanks for making this convention great.

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