October 6, 2009


(No) Comments from Valiant and Dark Horse

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I previously posted about the lawsuit that Valiant Entertainment filed against Jim Shooter.

After hearing about the lawsuit, I sent out some requests for comment from a few of the parties involved.

Valiant Entertainment’s response was simple:

“Valiant Entertainment was unable to comment.

I also contacted Dark Horse Comics to see if they had any response or comment at this time, and they had a similarly simple response:

“We have No Comment at this time.

I’m going to try to contact Jim Shooter when I get home from work today. Perhaps I can get a trifecta of “No Comments”.

Also, I ordered a copy of the complaint filed with the New York County Clerk today, I hope that it will show up some time tomorrow. Expect some comments and information about the lawsuit after that arrives in my inbox.


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