October 6, 2009


Valiant Entertainment Sues Jim Shooter

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Last weekend I found out that Valiant Entertainment is suing Jim Shooter.

Jim has been working for Valiant Entertainment (VE) since late 2008 in some capacity. It has been full time work, as far as I understand. The news that Jim Shooter was going to go work for Dark Horse comics on Magnus, Turok and Doctor Solar comics was a bit of a blow to VE. I’m sure it was news to them when that was announced at SDCC this year.

Anyhow, VE has filed suit against Shooter. The text of the lawsuit isn’t available publically yet, so everything I have heard is hearsay through JayJay Jackson and another friend of Jim’s have shared some information.

The suit apparently is based around violation of a non-compete clause, and that Jim Shooter damaged VE’s attempts to license the Gold Key characters themselves (which they obviously wanted for themselves).

The lawsuit can be seen to be filed here:

New York County Clerk filing

Bleeding cool is the only major site that is running any news about this.

More information will be here as it becomes available.


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