October 7, 2009


Valiant Entertainment (VEI) Sues Jim Shooter – Here’s the Lawsuit Document

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I did a little leg work and ordered a copy of the complaint against Jim Shooter (thank you eLaw.com). I’ve got a copy of the lawsuit document that VE filed to sue Jim Shooter.

Essentially, the following seems to be the major scope:

  • Jim Shooter has had the job of editor-in-chief for Valiant Entertainment since December 2008, and he was working on creating a line of comics to relaunch the Valiant Universe.
  • Valiant was still negotiating with Classic Media to get the license for Magnus, Solar, and Turok. They really wanted these characters for the Valiant Universe.
  • Apparently the deal with Dark Horse was not set in stone.
  • Jim Shooter had a non-compete agreement with Valiant.
  • They allege that Jim Shooter negotiated with Dark Horse to work for them, and to help them acquire the rights to the Gold Key characters while still working for Valiant, which violates the non-compete agreement and the non-disclosure agreement.

Jim Shooter was EiC! This was every Valiant fan’s dream come true, new Valiant stories under the direction of Big Jim himself.

It looks like Jim Shooter will have to file a document in response to this one, I’ll be working to get that when it is filed as well.

You can read the actual document filed with the New York County Clerk here:

VALIANT complaint against SHOOTER (pdf)

I got this document from a public source by my own means, and don’t mind sharing it here on this site. Permission is NOT given to copy the file and distribute it elsewhere. Please do not copy the file and post it elsewhere.


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