April 3, 2010


Doctor Solar to Launch in July, Magnus Robot Fighter in August

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The new Doctor Solar ongoing series will debut in July, as was announced at Wondercon this weekend.

The new series will be penciled by Dennis Calero and written by Jim Shooter.

I asked the folks at the Dark Horse booth about the relaunch of the Gold Key character books, and they said that a new Magnus ongoing series will debut in August, and that there are also plans to launch a new Turok ongoing series this summer as well, though they didn’t mention a month.

Though they have mentioned plans to launch Turok, this is, that fact that they intend to launch the new series this summer has not been announced yet. Convention scoop!

Note that this was mentioned from the Dark Horse folks working at the booth, and is not an official announcement.

Jim Shooter will also be writing the new Magnus series. I don’t know at this time who the artist will be in the ongoing Magnus series.

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