July 22, 2011

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FCF Sketches SDCC 2011 Day #1 -Making the Rounds

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Here we go…..

So Tues. morning I head over to the show with my boy Blood. After waiting in a few lines and walking around a bit, kinda taking it all in I decide it’s time to get started.

So I leave the homies, Sean had joined us at this time, and head out to begin the sketch getting adventure. This being my 4th year getting sketches, I’ve kinda got it down. It is still is nervous approaching someone, but by now I know how it goes. So I have the entire place mapped out with all the locations of the people I want to see. So before I head over to Artist Alley (the center of all sketch getting) I wanted to swoop by a few peeps over by the comic section and do my first contact.

For most of the sketches it is a drop off kind of thing. I drop off the board, then spend the rest of the time stopping back by to see if they have it finished. This is the hard part of it. I have to keep coming by to see if it is done. This can become quite a predicament. If I stop by too many times it is annoying, BUT, if I don’t stop by enough, then I don’t get the sketch. So I have to start the first contact to give myself the best chance of getting the sketch.

This is what MOST of my time at SDCC is…… making the rounds.

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