July 19, 2011

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Not all Sketches are Equal

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Sketch Types

I have learned that there is a grip of variance in getting sketches.  Most of the times I drop off the board and pick it up later.  But sometimes they are ready to sketch right then. When someone is going to sketch right then, there are positives and slightly negatives.

Positive: I am for sure going to get a sketch. (that is the goal, so good.)

Slightly Negative: I will most likely be a quick head sketch. Which is not bad, and I am VERY grateful for whatever I get. But obviously, the cooler the sketch the more potential $$$.

Now when I am getting sketches, one thing I have learned is that there is varied degrees of sketch types. It goes something like this.

  1. quick side view head sketch
  2. quick front view head sketch
  3. bust sketch
  4. full body quick sketch
  5. detailed head sketch
  6. detailed bust sketch
  7. detailed full body

The addition of color, inking, and background also effect the sketch.

I want to state that I appreciate EVERY sketch. As I look at them when I was scanning them in, I remember the circumstance of getting it, I know what I did to get it, heck some sketches I stopped by to “remind” them like 6 times. So EVERY sketch is cool to me, means something to me, brings a smile to my face.  But the bottom line is the reason I do this is $$$$$$. Money for CF research, money to find a cure. And I know that a quick head sketch is less likely to bring big $$$$, but ANY $$$$ for Cystic Fibrosis is GOOD money.

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