July 24, 2011

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SDCC 2011 Poker Night

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SDCC 2011 Poker Night.

Ok, Poker. Blood did a great job up setting it up, getting the tables ready and setting up the rules.

We had to divide the peeps into 2 tables, we at our table called ourselves the “fun table”. The Fun table included (with seating order):

Me, then to my left, Fred Pierce, TAFKAZ, Chain, Dino, Blood, and Knightt (off to the side not playing).

The quick recap of our table, I was killing it. Absolutely crushing everyone….. in fact I busted out Chain (he couldn’t get over it all weekend) and TAFKAZ busted out also (we did let them re-buy in). I probably had half of the chips of the table, …….

……. in fact I had so many chips, there was one hand where I had the clear chance to pounce….. and I had won so much, had so much of the chips, that I took my foot off the pedal (the slightly funny part is that I remember that Dino had done the same thing earlier during Jeopardy), and I did not play aggressively ….. and you know how this story is going to end……. I end up getting beat. Then I got beat by TAFKAZ in a big pot (after he bought back in, which would have NEVER happened in a serious game) and then Dino got me, not once, but twice with pocket Bullets.

I think I went out as #6 of 12. And then after I went out I lost track of what happened……

A GREAT night for all.

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