July 22, 2011

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The Most Fun Place at SDCC?

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The Most Fun place at SDCC?

The Bongo booth is one of the funnest places to go at SDCC. Why? The people there are all very cool. Some booths, (at times it can feel like a bunch of booths) the people there are not that friendly. They are not necessarily mean, but maybe overwhelmed (understandable), maybe tired (easy to see why), and sometimes straight out grumpy. But not the Bongo booth. They are good peeps. I always have a laugh with them. Over the last few years I have gotten to recognize some of the people there and they are very customer friendly, GREAT with kids, happy to answer questions, just overall good to be around. (about the opposite of the –deleted to protect the guilty– booth.) So if you ever go to SDCC, you MUST stop by the Bongo booth.

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