July 23, 2011

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Valiant Jeopardy 2011

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I want to start with my favorite time, and now firmly entrenched as the #1 (non-family-related) day I look forward to ever year, The Thurs. night Jeopardy Poker night at my homie Blood’s casa.

We got the Valiant Jeopardy game started pretty quickly. I had created 2 rounds and a tie-breaker, tie maker (What up C-Lo!).

This year I had 2 buzzer systems set up so everyone had their own buzzer. I think this year went off with out any controversy, (as I recall, my good buddy Sean tried to stir it up a bit with the validity of one question, and I don’t remember what the question was, but I remember thinking it had a balderdash-y ring to it.) I also remember that no one in the room know that Rockland Tate was the one that led Takao Konishi to the Blood of Heroes. I also remember that no one could get the Secrets of the Valiant Universe cover shot, and Original Turok cover shot. The rest, I believe, the correct answer was given.

The clear winner was Dino. I can honestly say it was not close. His Valiant knowledge and familiarity with the books was quite impressive. (I will be looking forward to the return of C-Lo to see the rubber match) Doc had a good showing and did Blood, I also remember Warren answering a few questions, but it was Dino from start to finish. In fact, he might not want me to mention this, but maybe, possibly, he didn’t answer some questions that he knew the answer to,…… maybe he took his foot of the gas…….

But regardless of winning and losing, I think a grand time was had by all. I can say that it is a labor of love for me to make the game and set it up and all that. I greatly enjoy it.

As the winner Dino won the “Grand Prize” (which in my haste and rush leading up to the show, I did not scan a copy….     ), but the grand prize was a Sketch cover done by our own Steverino!

Dino was impressed (and I think Warren also) was impressed with Steverino’s work. It was really a beautiful drawing.

A few more things about the game. BIG SHOUT OUT to Mini-D-P! He was official “who rang in first if there was a tie between the 2 buzzer set-ups”. He did his job wonderfully! He also got a question correct. Mini-D-P thanks bud!

After Jeopardy, we all took a break, while I [we] cleaned up and then……

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