October 23, 2011

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A Zombie Animorph?

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Zombies Animorphs?

I could write tons about this guy and have in other locations on this thing that Al Gore invented.

This dude, Stan Sakai.  At this time I will say the following. If you really “put a gun to my head” and made me choose who is my absolute favorite dude at SDCC…… I would have to say it is this guy.

He is truly one of the best men I’ve ever met. He just has a honestness about him. A realness, and quiet dignity. He is just one of these people that put you at ease by their mere presence. It might seem like I am going a bit over-board, but I do not believe I am.

He is easily one of our biggest supporters. He always goes above the call of duty. And this year is my favorite yet. This sketch is just so cool.

The Man, Stan Sakai.

Check this out! It’s Zombie Usagi!

Zombie Usagi Yojimbo Sketch by Stan Sakai

Zombie Usagi Yojimbo Sketch by Stan Sakai

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