February 19, 2012

The Magic Satchel

Is That the Lead Singer From Weezer?

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A quick Mouse Guard/David Petersen rif. For me, Mouse Guard is what the medium is all about. Visually telling a story. Capturing a feel, a vibe that adds to the understanding of the story. I think that some of the better comics I’ve read could be told in novel form and not really lose anything. Mouse Guard is a great example of what the medium can be, and maybe should be. I like reading it, my kids like it. Petersen captures suspense, drama, all of that often with out words on the page. Then sometimes the words carry the book. I guess I’m just a big Mouse Guard fan and a big David Petersen fan. And really, he looks like the dude from Weezer, so that’s cool too.

Mouse Guard sketch by David Petersen

Mouse Guard sketch by David Petersen


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