April 9, 2012

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A quick follow up – Arm vs Gilly

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Aram vs Gilad panel 1

Aram vs Gilad, the first blow

As I listened back to the OTV podcast about the Valiant Royal Rumble I was thinking about the final bout, Arm vs. Gilly.  It was a tough decision but I went with Arm…… and for good reason.

One of my MAIN points was that Gilly could not deliver the knock out blow while Arm could.  Let’s bring in some photo evidence.

First, in Eternal Warrior #3 Gilly is all bent out of shape about what went down in Unity.  He ends up telling Neville Alcott that he is done working for him, and pretty much quits.  He then tells Astrela (the chick who he is staying with in Greece) that he is tired of fighting.  Gilad is really down in the dumps.  So Astrela works out that Arm comes to the bar where she sent Gilly to “meet an art dealer”.

They start to fight (Aram starts the fight, mad at Gil for making him fight in Unity).  They are doing a good job of breaking up the bar when Gil finally get to the point where he wants to end it.  Arm tells Gil to watch out and not break the good stuff (a ’64 Rufina Fresobald) and Gilad answers back, “too late Aram you started this remember”.  It’s clear that Gilad wants to really take it to him.

You can see in the panel above that Gilad wants to take him out.  While admitting that Aram is stronger than him.

Here is where Gil delivers the knock out blow……. or thinks he does:

Aram vs Gilad page 2

Aram vs Gilad, page 2

But we clearly see that Aram is NOT knocked out, but is only faking.  Gil punches him through the back of a truck and Aram comes up with the Fonz, “ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy”

Aram vs Gilad page 3

Aram vs Gil, page 3

And the end scene clearly shows that Aram let himself be “beaten” for the sake of his brother.

Now let’s look at Eternal Warrior/Archer & Armstrong #8.  The end of the book Aram wants to teach Gil a lesson.

Eternal Warrior 8 panel 1

Eternal Warrior 8, Aram vs. Gil

Aram steps on his foot, and gives Gilad a good smack.  The result…..

Eternal Warrior 8 Panel 2

Eternal Warrior 8, Gil is out cold

Gil is out cold.  I think we got it right.  Aram is victorious.


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