April 26, 2012


Initial Sales Of X-O Manowar #1 Over 42,000

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X-O Manowar 1 42,000 copies

X-O Manowar 1 Initial Orders are over 42,000 copies

Diamond is reporting over 42,000 copies of X-O Manowar #1 from Valiant Comics this May.

That’s a whole lot!

The news is reported over on Bleeding Cool, and some retailers are echoing this info on forums.

I’ve heard that Atom! Freeman is reporting these numbers from Diamond as well, though I haven’t confirmed that yet.

What does it mean?

Let’s put this in perspective.

The ICV2 number for March have estimated sales of all books from March. 42,000 sales of X-O #1 would make it number 35 on the sales chart, right between Captain America #9 and Fantastic Four #604.

This puts it above Saga #1, which was another hugely ordered, and (deservedly) hyped non-Marvel and non-DC book, and the highest selling non-Marvel, non-DC book in March. Saga #1 reportedly came in a little above 37,000 copies.

What does it mean for May? Walking Dead sold 33,000 copies in March, and I’ve heard that the number of copies sold has been increasing on that book. Chances are, it will be the highest selling Image book in May. The numbers will probably be below 40,000 for Walking Dead in May though, so there is a very good chance that X-O Manowar #1 will indeed be the highest selling non-Marvel and non-DC book for May.

This is a running start. A FAST running start, and a huge amount of initial momentum for Valiant.

Let’s hope that the first issue is worth the attention that it is going to get with news of a print run this large.

(hint: it is)

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