April 2, 2012


Only The Ultraverse: The OTV April Fools Treat

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Those of you that visited onlythevaliant.com yesterday realized that it brought you somewhere new:

Only The Ultraverse Homepage

For a day, Only The Valiant was gone, and Only The Ultraverse rose to take its glorious place.

If you came to our site, you saw our “goodbye” message on the site before you were redirected:

Only The Valiant April Fools Goodbye Page

Only The Valiant April Fools Goodbye Page

It was our way of having a little fun, and I hope that some of you enjoyed the joke. Only The Ultraverse have been the unofficial enemies of the show since nearly the beginning, and we’ve had a running joke about their lousy podcast.

The thing is, that podcast never actually existed, until now that is.

The nice thing about this joke is that it is the joke that keeps on giving!

I had the idea for the Only The Ultraverse April Fools joke on Saturday, late in the morning, about 12 hours before April Fools day. I immediately called Chiclo, Elveen, and Jonesy, to see what we could scrap together. Chiclo had some free time later in the day, and Elveen and Jonesy were busy, and had to phone and email in their contributions to the show.

I scrambled to read some Ultraverse books, and got the episode edited as quickly as possible, scraped the Only The Valiant site, changed the header, and changed every reference from “Valiant” to “Ultraverse”. Presto!

The first episode of Only The Ultraverse is still available, and the plan is to keep it up for posterity.

Who knows? We may even record another episode one day!

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