April 3, 2012

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The World’s Largest Comic Book Panel!!!

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Welcome to the 2nd edition of “Chromium Corner!”  I am your honest, Jonesy!  In this installment, I am going to briefly share my experience of one of the greatest “gimmicks” to have befallen our wonderful comic book industry…The World’s Largest Comic Panel, featured within Valiant Comics’ Solar: Man of the Atom issues 1-10!

Solar Man of the Atom issues 1 through 10

Solar Man of the Atom issues 1 through 10

For those reading this that are unfamiliar with this fantastic feast on the eyes, The World’s Largest Comic Panel is one humungous piece of artwork by Barry Windsor-Smith, Bob Layton, and Janet “Jay-Jay” Jackson, assembled by lying all 10 issues out on a surface, with the 2-page center of each issue next to each other where applicable.  This single overwhelmingly gorgeous image is the conclusion of Phil Seleski’s origin story (also featured in the center of Solar 1-10), and leads directly back into the lead story of issue 1 of the same series.

World's Largest Panel Ever!!!

World's Largest Panel Ever!!!

I will spare you the details to save those unfamiliar with the story possible spoilers, but I highly recommend that you locate and purchase these 10 comic books (or even the Solar: Man of the Atom Alpha & Omega collection; it has a smaller poster version of the image!) so that you too can experience a true wonder of comic book genius at work!!!

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  • Kimo comments:

    What a great memory, I remember finally getting to do this and being blown away by the shear size and enormity of it. For me it gave the story even more impact. Thanks for sharing man.

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