April 28, 2012


Week In Review April 28, 2012

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You have checked out this week’s charity auctions, right? Just checking, they end tomorrow.

On to the week in review!


  • OTV Episode 70 was released – Everything you need to know about Valiant Comics to be ready for the relaunch. Plus, news and an interview from C2E2


Timewalker Character Design

Timewalker Character Design by David Aja

Some cool tidbits from the David Aja interview, it includes character designs of Timewalker and the X-O Wolf Class armor.



Seems to be a video and reviewsort of day.

One of the things that is tricky with these big shared universes in comics is that their idea space gets so crowded. Magic, technology, aliens and super science all blend together to create this sort of manic universal cosmology that makes the original myth-structures seem freaking anemic.


I thought Thursday was going to end up a pretty quite day, then bam!

It wasn’t the “twitter war” that some characterized it as, but it was interesting. By the way, you are using Twitter, right? And you’re following these folks, right? (and following us too, right?)


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