April 2, 2012


Welcome to OnlyTheValiant.com 3.0!

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We’ve got this shiny new website to take for a ride.

With Valiant ramping up with the Summer of Valiant, we wanted to ramp up Only The Valiant as well.

It will still be the same as before, just with some cool new stuff added. The site is about the show still, the podcast is still our main feature.

This redesign will allow us to put out a lot more written content, and we’ve got columns, news, reviews, and more in the works. We’ve even got a little backlog of stuff we’ve put together in preparation of the big move.

Excuse The Dust

I wanted this to go live after our little April Fool’s Day joke went away.

The thing is, a lot of the features in the works aren’t ready yet. I’m still lovingly coding them up with beautiful HTML, PHP, and CSS. Don’t worry, it will roll out soon, and it will be amazing.

Take a look around, and enjoy!

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