April 26, 2012


X-O’s Greatest Moments: Number 7 – Aric Unburied!

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OTV is counting down the greatest X-O Manowar moments as we count down to the new X-O Manowar coming on May 2nd!

Number #7, Uncovering Aric!

Root there it is!

From X-O Manowar #10, after sustaining damage during Unity (more on that to possibly come later) and being sent back to his original time (400 A.D.) by Solar, Aric realizes that he is a man in the wrong time.

The damage he sustained does not allow him to take off the X-O armor, which leaves him with only one option.

He buries himself deep in the ground so he can heal.

The panel where Ken discovers Aric in the ground is breathtaking.  Notice how the armor had created root-like appendages to sustain Aric during his hibernation.

In X-O #10 the book takes a new direction as Aric is less savage and more conqueror!

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