April 25, 2012


X-O’s Greatest Moments: Number 8 – Aric Becomes A Warrior

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OTV is counting down the greatest X-O Manowar moments as we count down to the new X-O Manowar coming on May 2nd!

Number 8, Aric Becomes A Warrior!

From X-O Manowar 0, and drawn by Joe Quesada, Aric witnesses his parents murdered by Romans, and in that moment, becomes a warrior. He picks up his father’s sword and…

X-O Manowar 0

X-O Manowar #0, Aric becomes a warrior

X-O Manowar 0 brought us the story of Aric before he was abducted by the Spider Aliens. We get to see him in all his 400 A.D. glory, and we see the root of his hatred of the Roman pigs.

The birth of the warrior!

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