April 23, 2012


X-O’s Greatest Moments: Number 10 – Aric Appears!

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OTV is celebrating the countdown to the new issue of X-O Manowar on May 2nd by counting down the ten greatest X-O Manowar moments from the past!

Aric First Appears!

Number 10 is number 1! The first page from X-O Manowar number 1. Aric showed up with a bang, smashing his way through an army of Spider Aliens to fight his way to the X-O armor.

This page is beautifully drawn by Barry Windsor-Smith.

X-O Manowar Page 1

This time, I will kill them all! Aric smashes the hard skins.

The countdown starts with a bang, this panel is hard to beat, we’ll see if we can though!

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