April 24, 2012


X-O’s Greatest Moments: Number 9 – X-O Bike!

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OTV is counting down the greatest X-O Manowar moments as we count down to the new X-O Manowar coming on May 2nd!

Number 9, X-O Bike!

Later in the classic run of X-O Manowar (issue 60, to be exact), Aric found himself no longer the head or Orb Industries, and was wandering the streets.

X-O Manowar 60 X-O Armor Bike

X-O Manowar 60, The X-O Armor's always there for Aric

Aric, of course, ran into plenty of trouble, and as we see below, the X-O armor was always there to help Aric out.

X-O Manowar Bike

The X-O Bike!

What was the armor doing there?

How was it sitting there, on the side of the street, in plain view of everyone?

How was the armor able to hide, blend in, make itself unknown in the sea of people?

The X-O Bike, of course!

The later part of the X-O run got pretty ridiculous, and not exactly the, well, best of all the X-O comics made.

This is the Valiant era of little story, few words, and lots of Aric bashing stuff into smithereens.

We talk a bit about the downhill decline of X-O Manowar in Episode 65.

Most of the later issues of X-O aren’t going to make it to this “best of” list, but it’s possible there will be one more moment that makes the list…

Anyway, so the X-O bike is one of those moments that comes as a surprise.

A new level of ridiculousness for X-O Manowar.

The X-O bike, so bad, that it is wonderful.

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