May 18, 2012


Taking a Look at Bloodshot

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Valiant Comics has been on a tear lately, pushing Bloodshot now that order time for Bloodshot is coming up (dealers have to place their orders for Bloodshot by the end of May). It’s been a flurry of pages coming out to tease us and entice us to check out Bloodshot when it hits the stands.

As if we needed to be convinced.

Bloodshot Interior Page 1

Bloodshot Interior Page by Arturo Lozzi

Bloodshot Interior Page 2

Bloodshot Interior Page by Arturo Lozzi

The pages by Arturo Lozzi shown above give the first hint about the split art chores we’re gonna see on this book. The male character looks like Bloodshot, aside from the red eyes, stripes in his hair, black hair, and pearl white skin.

Could this be a flashback to the time that Bloodshot believes he was Raymond Garrison? It looks like the images are going to show Bloodshot in the present by Manual Garcia, and maybe past memories, or a past character, by Arturo Lozzi.

Speaking of Bloodshot in the present, I thought it would be fun to show the pencils (that were previewed before) and the inked and colored pages side by side:

Bloodshot Interior Page 3

Bloodshot Interior Page by Manuel Garcia, pencils and finished art

Bloodshot Interior Page by Manuel Garcia

An Explosive Bloodshot page by Manuel Garcia

Those Bloodshot pages look pretty action packed and, well, explosive.

Before I had said that I was looking forward to Bloodshot the least, because Valiant Comics hadn’t released too much information about the book. Now that info is starting to leak out, my anticipation is building, to the point that I am really looking forward to this book.

My hunch is that Bloodshot will be the least like the original incarnation, out of all the titles that Valiant is launching this summer.

No matter what, those pages look pretty great. I can’t wait to get my hands on this book!

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