May 9, 2012


That Other Guy in X-O Manowar #1

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Word on the street is that X-O Manowar #1 is not just the first appearance of Aric, it has a guest appearance by another well-known Valiant Comics character.

Want to know who it is?

Seriously, it’s not a huge spoiler, but it is a tiny one.

Once you see it, it can’t be unseen.

Ok, here it is…

Down here…

Just a bit…

It’s coming…

Last chance to back out…



Gilad, the Eternal Warrior appears in the first issue, as one of King Alaric’s advisors/soldiers.

Eternal Warrior appears in X-O Manowar 1

Eternal Warrior appears in X-O Manowar 1, Yes, My King

How do we know this is him?

Dinesh, Valiant Comic’s Chief Creative Officer, confirmed that Eternal Warrior appears in the issue.

Next, check out the Eternal Warrior image from the FCBD issue. Big scars on Eternal Warrior. Just like this guy.

Eternal Warrior speared in X-O Manowar 1

Eternal Warrior speared in X-O Manowar 1, -URK-

So, I was wrong. I was hoping that Gilad was the guy that gets decapitated by Aric after he spears Aric’s father.

Captain Spoilers

Just another post brought to you by Captain Spoilers

Instead, he gets speared by a Roman.

The question in my mind, will Aric and the Eternal Warrior have known each other, and will they recognize each other in the present day?

This sort of guest appearance is definitely a very “Valiant” sort of thing to do.

We do not shy away from spoilers!

We will travel to any length to make sure you notice everything in your Valiant Comics!

Every detail!

With hawk-like scrutiny!

We will spoil!

And spoil!

And spoil!

We are channeling the spirit of…

Captain Spoilers!


  • Kimo comments:

    Thank you Captain Spoiler! Now can you tell me who the Vine baby will be?

  • Sean comments:

    Ha ha! Not even Captain Spoilera knows that.

    We may need to give Secret Agent Inadvertenant Spoilers a call for that one…
    Sean recently posted..Conversation With Robert Venditti, Writer of X-O ManowarMy Profile

  • Tony Soldo (@Tony_Soldo) comments:

    Are you sure the guy getting speared is Eternal Warrior? It doesn’t look like him. The guy getting speared looks like he has a beard, plus his clothing and helmet are different. Anyway, thanks for the info! This is an awesome cameo!

  • Matthew comments:

    I just re-read X-O #1, and I do see the resemblance to Gilad. But, I have to agree, the guy who is getting speared is not ET. The helmet ET wears has no ear protection. The guy who gets speared on the horse, his helmet does. Also, you all keep mentioning the Vine Baby (singular). If you all look at the page starting with “The Visigoth Camp” where all that takes place, you will see several cloaked figures. There are 2 that have the baby “Chirr-ip” coming from under their cloaks. Also, I don’t feel that the Vine are shape-shifters. They are plucking a strand of hair from the human baby and putting it into an injector. I would say this replicates the human DNA and then when it is injected into the Vine baby, it over-writes it’s DNA to that of a human or a human-Vine hybrid. So they did this with at least several babies in the camp. Anyways, those are my thoughts.. Valiant forever!!!

  • Ok, I know, I know…..this was a year ago. But I just found out a couple weeks ago. I poured over the pages of XO#1…poured & poured some more! Ripped it apart panel by panel! I even used a magnifying glass to see if he was in the background somewhere or in the Roman army. (beautifully drawn Mr. Nord!) I had to rebag it twice cause I kept on rippin the bag! Nothin’!
    So tonite on the Valiant Fan Group we started going over this which lead me to this page. (BTW….gonna spend more time here. Didn’t know how badly I was outta the loop)
    Ok…..the guy takin the spear to his chest….not Gilad! He’s got a beard. So he’s outta the picture.
    Ok….the guy who IS Gilad….calling Aric his king. How could anyone even think that he is? He supposedly has a scar on his face. To me that’s just a line from the art, his frown line or something. Heck! it could’ve been a bruise from fallin on his face after a long night of drinking! (I heard those Visigoth’s throw a mean party!) Maybe if his hair was longer? Hhhmmmm…..
    Don’t get me wrong. I was collecting Valiant startin back in ’92. I loved the fact that they always had their first appearance thingy hidden & you’d find out later (1st appearance Jack B. & 1st appearance Dr. Mirage come to mind) & rush out to get the book which was probably $20 by then due to Wizard…ah…let’s skip that for now.
    But back then it was obvious while not being so obvious as to who it obviously was.
    This “Gilad” isn’t like that. This is some guy on a horse saying YO to Aric. If he was drawn more obvious…like he was further into the panel…maybe had an arrow sticking out of his chest or (again) had longer hair. There was some kind of a close up on his face but not so close to make it so obvious…only somewhat obvious. (sick of that word yet?…I am) You know what I mean?
    BUT….my buddy Dinesh says it’s him then it’s him. All I ask is next time for it to be a slight more…I don’t know….obvious. :-)

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