May 11, 2012


X-O Marketowar: The X-O Manowar Price Surge

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Two Hundred Bucks!

That’s only in two auctions, and the price seems to have settled a bit since then, but WOW! The QR Variant of X-O Manowar is bashing its way through the secondary market.

X-O Manowar 1 QR Variant Cover 202 bucks

Two Hundred and Two bucks, the highest sale price so far

Multiple recent finished auctions on eBay indicate that this book is settling down around $90 to $100, for the time being.

When this book first started hitting eBay, the going price was $40 to $50, and by Saturday of last week (Free Comic Book Day), it was hitting close to $100. Those two $200 sales are likely a fluke, a bit of a spike to get the book, but one thing is certain, this book is in demand!

Similarly, the 1:20 variant by David Aja roughly doubled in price, when copies first hit eBay, it was selling for around $15, it seems to have settled at roughly a $30 price, based on recent eBay auctions that have closed over the last several days.

O.G. X-O

Interestingly, copies of the original X-O Manowar #1 have hit a bit of a surge as well.

Copies of issue #1 in graded 9.8 condition have been a $100 book for a while now, and copies not stuck in a CGC slab have been selling for about $15 to $20. Within the last week, raw copies, unslabbed by CGC, have sold for over $100. Only two copies have sold at this price, but that is a rather quick price hike. These $100 sales for unslabbed books is probably a bit of a spike, like the $200 sales for the QR variants.

All in all though, it means that there is a bit of attention on Valiant books in the secondary market. It’s a good sign that people are paying attention.

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