June 7, 2012


Collector’s Paradise Harbinger #1 Release Signing, with Photos

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Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by drmirage from the Valiant Fans message board. He attended the Harbinger signing at Collector’s Paradise on Wednesday, and originally shared this over on ValiantFans.com. I asked if he would be interested in sharing it here as well, and he agreed. Without further ado…

Hello Valiant Fans! Harbinger #1 and X-O Manowar #2 are finally here!

With many not being able to get the opportunity to attend the Collector’s Paradise Harbinger #1 release signings, I wanted to share with you all my experience with some photos. Perhaps with these images, you can all pretend that you were there with me.


Certificate of Authenticity that accompanied each signed book

Being a Valiant fan, I had such a great time meeting Joshua Dysart (Writer), Atom! Freeman (Sales Manager) and surprise guest Dinesh Shamdasani (Founder and CCO). When I first met them, I mentioned that I am “drmirage” from the Valiant Fans Message Board.

Even though my wife and I had to miss half a day’s work today, it was totally worth it. Talking with Dinesh in person was pretty awesome. He’s very positive, enthusiastic and super friendly. I was moved just by talking with Dinesh becuase you can just feel that he has put his heart and soul into making these books.

About the photos, I knew that attending this event that I had to take some photos to share with the Valiant Fans. I emphasized to Josh, Atom and Dino that if the distance and time schedule all worked out, all Valiant Fans would be here at the release signing to celebrate and meet with you all. Attending this event made me feel like a kid again. Also, I’m very lucky that my wife came along with me at this event and took several photos.

Ed with X-O Manowar 0 gold uncut

Dino surprised Ed with this uncut Gold Chromium X-O Manowar Cover for his work promoting Valiant

Josh, Atom! and especially Dino mentioned that they are very thankful for those who are supporting the re-launch of Valiant especially the Valiant Fan Members!

Thinking about it now, I probably would not get another chance to meet with these guys again in person, but I’m glad that I did once. Its simply amazing and wonderful.

Thank you Ed @ Collector’s Paradise for setting up this event. Ed has actually been promoting the new re-launch books of Valiant like a crazy ape. Every time I’m at Collector’s Paradise, I hear Ed mentioning to other readers to try out the new Valiant books. He explains what the new re-launch books are all about and how they are different from every other publisher. If they aren’t satisfied or didn’t like the book for any reason, they can simply return it.

On a side note, my wife and I heard Atom! Freeman on several occasions saying that he did not write or drew any of the books. He kept saying that he is only the Sales Manager. He then says, “I do not take any offense if you didn’t want me to sign.” Atom! is so Hilarious. I wanted him to sign the cover as well.

Lastly, since I got all my (5 Regular, 5 Pullbox, 1:20 and 1:50 QR Voice) books signed, that will make my reading copy a signed book as well. So all in all, the books I purchased had Josh, Atom! and Dino’s signature. Here are some more pictures.



[Editor’s note – if the pics below wet your appetite for some signed Harbinger books, copies are available from the Collector’s Paradise web store]

the gang at collectors paradise

Josh, Ed, Dino and Atom finally arrived at Collectors Paradise in Canoga Park. That's a nice shirt Ed.


the Harbinger QR variant in action

Josh, Atom! and Dino listens to Toyo Harada with the QR voice variant book


josh and atom signing Harbinger books

Josh and Atom! signing copies of the new Harbinger #1 books


drmirage josh and atom

drmirage, Josh and Atom!


josh and evil grin atom

Josh and Evil Grins Atom!


harbinger qr variant signed

QR Book Signing


drmirage and dino

drmirage and Dinesh


And finally, the signed books:

harbinger 1 regular cover signed

Harbinger 1 Regular Cover

harbinger 1 pullbox cover signed

Harbinger 1 Pullbox Cover


Harbinger #1 Regular signed by Josh, Atom! and Dino, and Harbinger #1 Pullbox signed by Josh, Atom! and Dino (My actual reading copy)

harbinger 1 1 in 20 cover signed

Harbinger 1 1:20 Cover

harbinger 1 qr cover signed

Harbinger 1 QR Talking Cover


Harbinger #1 1:20 signed by Josh, Atom! and Dino, and Harbinger #1 QR Voice signed by Josh, Atom! and Dino.

(Try to scan and focus the QR Code)


Editor’s Note again – Remember, signed copies of Harbinger #1, with Certificate of Authenticity, are available from the Collector’s Paradise web store, and thank you drmirage, for sharing!

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