June 20, 2012


Faith Herbert, aka Zephyr, In September’s issue of Harbinger

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Valiant is introducing Faith back in Harbinger #4, in September.

zephyr teaser

Faith Herbert, aka Zephyr, is back in Harbinger #4 in September

Faith was a favorite of a lot of people in the original Harbinger comics, she was similar to a lot of fans, a comic geek, not in the best “supermodel” of shape, she brought a superhero attitude to the Harbinger kids, because, well, she wanted to be a superhero.

harbinger 13 cover

The Flying Fury Fights Alone

After the confrontation between Pete Stancheck and Toyo Harada in Harbinger #25, Faith was left without direction, and entered the Harbinger Foundation as a student. She was part of the B-Squad with a bunch of other rejects, loafers, and slackers, and caused a lot more trouble than she started.

Eventually, she would become a leader of the Harbinger resistance, leading the fight against the Harbinger Mega-Corporation.

Want to learn more about Faith? Check out OTV Episode 58, Faith Will save us, the later years of Harbinger.

Of course, what this really makes me wonder is when we are going to get Chalene Dupree, aka Flamingo, in the book. That lady was hot*.

*Pun horribly intended.


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