July 11, 2012


Bloodshot #1 And Harbinger #2 Are Out Today!

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Bloodshot 1 and Harbinger 2

Bloodshot #1 and Harbinger #2

Bloodshot #1 and Harbinger #2 are out on the stands today.

They are both awesome, and in entirely different ways.

Bloodshot #1

So many crazy things happen in this issue. When I flipped to the beginning of this issue to refresh myself on the issue to write this, I realized that by the time I got to the end of the issue, I had already forgot the crazy stuff that had happened at the beginning.

I mean, how many times can someone get blown up in one issue?

The plot twists and turns in this book like crazy. It is bloody, explosive, and mind bending. It’s the kind of book you’ll need to read again to get a handle on.

This issue throws a lot of info at the reader, and messes with Bloodshot real bad. The real question is, how will Bloodshot react to what happened to him in this issue?

Harbinger #2

How good can a comic be? This issue seeks to try to find that out.

I liked the first issue of Harbinger. A lot.

I liked this issue more.

The art is great, and captures expressions, and the “face acting” of the characters perfectly. I liked how the art served the story in the first issue, and this art is better than the first issue.

There is so much good stuff in this issue, from Pete cutting loose, to Joe Irons wigging out, to Kris’s response to Pete’s actions, to the benevolence of Harada.

The Summer Of Valiant continues to steamroll forward. The books are good. Really good.

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  • Tony Soldo (@Tony_Soldo) comments:

    Yes, these were fantastic! I was really impressed with both of them. I can’t wait to write my reviews of these! I’ve been debating about whether to do these reviews as the books are released, or wait until all of Valiant books for the month have been released, and review them all at once. I could either way, but I want to know if you guys have any preference either way.

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