July 30, 2012



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A while back, when the Summer of Valiant was just heating up, Valiant ran the best ever event through their twitter account. That best ever event, of course, is Fan Art Friday!

Today, we find out it is coming back:

So, who’s stoked?

This guy!

I love the Fan Art Fridays. In the past, there has been a lot of cool art that folks have tweetered out on Fridays.

Typically, I end up drawing a little something on my lunch break on Friday, which is why my previous entries are drawn on notepads and graph paper:

Bloodshot And His Sweet Airbrush

Bloodshot Fan Art by Sean Neprud


Ok, so I didn’t do the best job drawing the gun.

I Hate Red Vines!

X-O Manowar Red Vine Fan Art

Get it? Red Vines? Har har!


Yeah, this one wasn’t done on my lunch break, this one was my coffee break. It’s a little rushed.

Bring it!

I’ll be working on my Fan Art Friday submission this week, I want to try my hand at something a little more in-depth than my usual lunch break doodle.

Get your pencils sharpened and draw! Draw! DRAW! Ye Valiant fans! Draw until your fingers are numbed and cramped!


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